The Ranch

A short drive and a world away from the Dallas, Peninsula Ranch is 550 acres of awesome nature with seven miles of shoreline on peaceful Lake Tawakoni. A mixture of open fields and mature forests, the Ranch is home to a broad variety of wildlife, both native and exotic.

The Ranch is a perfect destination for retreats, banquets, family celebrations, birthdays, weddings and corporate team building. Take part in one of many outdoor activities, or just unwind and relax, reconnect with family, friends and nature.

Three of the largest pecan trees in Texas are hidden on the property.

Peninsula Ranch has the #9 and #12 largest pecan trees in the entire state of Texas! The ninth largest is 200-225 years old!

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a bent tree


Native whitetail deer often feed near the lodge. Watusi cattle, Texas longhorn cattle, black buck antelope, Axis deer, fallow deer, and barasingha deer roam freely inside the 8-foot game fence. Zebra, ostrich, emu, and elk are among the exotic animals that guests routinely see at the ranch.

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