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Three of the largest pecan trees in Texas are hidden on the property.Peninsula Ranch is 550 acres of awesome natural beauty located on a secluded peninsula in the tranquil waters of Lake Tawakoni.

It offers guests seven miles of distinctive shoreline, open fields of native grasses, quiet nature trails, breath-taking sunrises, and magnificent sunsets.

The Ranch is a perfect destination for special getaway occasions. It has a range of flexible meeting venues and a variety of activities to accommodate business events, conferences, retreats, banquets, family celebrations, reunions, weddings, birthdays, and outdoor interests, fishing, hiking and ATV tours.

Peninsula Ranch has the #9 and #12 largest pecan trees in the entire state of Texas! The ninth largest is 200-225 years old!

Wagon rides to the ninth oldest pecan tree in the state of texas are $95.

Please call us for more details at 903-461-9922.

a man who climbed a pecan tree


Native whitetail deer often feed near the lodge. Watusi cattle, Texas longhorn cattle, black buck antelope, Axis deer, fallow deer, and barasingha deer roam freely inside the 8-foot game fence. Zebra, ostrich, emu, and elk are among the exotic animals that guests routinely see at the ranch.

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