The Lodge

The Lodge design features rustic native timber cut on the property.Within the 7,000 sq. ft., three-story structure are seven well-appointed guest rooms and one guest apartment.

Each guest unit opens to a covered balcony. From balcony vantage points, guests can see deer feeding at dawn and dusk.

We also offer one ground floor bedroom with ADA compliance. Guest rooms and a stairway surround the main dining room and lounge. The area features an impressive 35-foot vaulted ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows.

A large covered patio features barbeque grills and a fire pit.


Native whitetail deer often feed near the lodge. Watusi cattle, Texas longhorn cattle, black buck antelope, Axis deer, fallow deer, and barasingha deer roam freely inside the 8-foot game fence. Zebra, ostrich, emu, and elk are among the exotic animals that guests routinely see at the ranch.

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